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     Jehovah's Witnesses wrecking of a family

    I grew up in a family of JW's.  I am the youngest of five children. I was six years old when my mother died from cancer in the spring of 1963 - at the time I was told that if I went to the kindom hall I would see my Mum again, so in the literal mind of a six year old I went along expecting to see Mum again, I can still see that kindom hall in my minds eye, even now sensing the slightly musty smell inside, the chairs and the small platform with a seascape mural on the wall behind, and the feeling of being let down, of being betrayed though I would not have known that word at the time - but the lasting impression of being cheated and lied to has stayed with me to this day.  My family at this point had been involved with the witnesses from the late 1940s - early 1950s and had taken all bar a few of an extended family. During Easter 2016 I visited Holyhead in north Wales where I previously lived until the age of thirty, I had gone to see some old friends I had not seen for thirty years, I am now sixty.

    While in Holyhead I visited a cousin who is a JW in order to find location of a relative who was no longer a JW and who had been through some very difficult times, it was a mistake. Within a few minutes I found myself in an unplanned gathering of JW's all of them my relatives including three older sisters.  I was totally overwhelmed and broke down, the pain, anguish, despair, anger, love, and hatred of thirty plus years hit me all at once and like a train.

    I was irreparably heartbroken to have seen my family after more than 30 years still being abused by this vile cult and still under its influence. There is no doubt that it is a cult, the very way it operates and uses fear to control its followers proves that. The meeting with my relatives lasted all of thirty painful distressing minutes, one minute for each of the thirty plus years since we last saw each other. Two years later I am still finding it difficult to come to terms with that all too brief meeting.

    Like so many others, the JW's devastated my life for a very long time. Convicted by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of a crime I did not commit. A sentence and a price extracted for choosing not to go along with a delusional belief system, for not submitting to the “We are right You are wrong” bigoted ignorant arrogance that reinforces the JWs shallow illiterate fear driven dogma, all of which throws into sharp relief the framework and control lines of the cult, a cult that demands unquestioning loyalty  and and failure to deliver ends in wrecked relationships, broken families and people becoming estranged from their families and friends for years and decades. And I was never even baptised or that deeply involved.

    So many family members have died in the past 30 years or more. You would think it would make them question what it is they are involved with and why all the promises have never materialised. One of life’s best teachers is irony, so when some tells you it’s “the truth” and it turns out to be one big pack of lies, try not to be too surprised. I am just so glad I haven’t spent my time deliberately going along with it, pretending to believe in “the truth” so as to fit in and have my own family around me, as I’m sure many do in fear of what might happen if they don’t. That’s a price you should never pay, its deep emotional blackmail and a price that is endlessly extracted.

    The JWs are a product of recent historic times. A 170 year long dubious pseudo religious branding and marketing campaign that has developed into a type of psychotic delusional self replicating mind virus spread by door to door contact. A virus that constantly morphs and moulds itself into the present day human situation, in order to offer the very latest fixes to life’s fears, anxieties and problems.  Emotionally loaded and targeted at those who are open enough, vulnerable enough to become infected and fall for the comforting stories and answers to living in an often frightening unpredictable world. All available today! At the knockdown price of the surrender of your critical faculties and 10% of your income.  

    So! Are you ready to become a highly judgemental self-righteous warped twisted bigot who would love to see countless billions die at the behest of a pernicious petty minded god because they belonged to the wrong religion? To witness the deaths of thoes who have condemned themselves to the lake of fire by telling JWs to fuck off when they knocked on the door in the middle of the footy?! Yes! You are! then sign up today to the JW death fixated cult and before you can say “WTF” you will be marching off into the sunset to the land of milk and honey and eternal youth, accompanied along the way by your dead relatives popping up out of the ground in their squeaky clean if somewhat unrecognisable new bodies to live forever on a paradise Earth in a physical form, and no clothes! Yes! Everyone going to be naked but it will be nice and warm, a balmy 70 degrees due to the newly installed belt of water surrounding the Earth, just think, gorgeous weather all year round, isn’t Jehovah just great? Then you get to repopulate the Earth, and you know what that means, hehehe…but once the population reaches the optimum figure your bits will heal up and drop off because you won’t need them anymore.  Supposedly we all then become amorphous pinky brown blobs floating around the planet singing the praises of Jehovah for a thousand years and eating fucking veg and farting a lot, until someone snaps and says “I can’t take anymore of this fucking shit! I’d kill for a BigMac and bites a passing duck” which starts a riot, then Jehovah gets nasty again and starts having another and final cull of the twats who refuse to tow the line….

    I have probably missed a few things like lions eating grass no stinging nettles and the 144000 bigging it up in heaven with Jesus...  I think you get the picture…this cult is utterly mad, dangerous and destructive, and their teachings are utterly pointless, tedious, made-up shallow gibberish which completely fail to address some of the greatest and most profound insights into the human condition.  The total lack of any deep understanding of the biblical text and the ability to convey it's meaning is evidence enough (should it be needed) that this organisation is not what it purports to be, the voice of God it is not! - If the governing body had a collective deep thought you could wade through there wouldn't be enough water to get your ankles wet!

    The witnesses are a death cult, they are obsessed with death and the avoidence of it. The watchtower uses the fear of death to force (encourage) their followers to tow the line.  Everytime there is a report of lets say an earthquake or some other natural disaster a programmed response starts up in the minds of JWs which goes something like....Oh! these are the signs of the end, of Armagedon! scriptures with flash through the mind like Matthew 24:13-30 and a calculation many hours have I put in on the ministry this month many magazines or books have I sold, have I missed any meetings etc..terrified they will not get through armagedon and end up in the lake of fire with the rest of us shitbags. And they will insist it is not a cult.

    The watchtower bible and tract society is totally fake, as are so many others, seventh day adventists, christian scientists, mormans, plymouth brethren, baptists, evangelical this evangelical that etc etc,  and all laying claim to the moral spiritual high ground and to be the one true religion...the world is awash with this crap and the only remotely interesting thing about it all is WHY!

    Jehovah does not exist!

    Philip Gahan


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